Part II Create Private and Public Instances for VPC

VPC – How can we design good VPC on Amazon with AWS NAT Server 

Part II: Create Private and Public Instances for VPC.

Step 1: Nat device was created after VPC.


Step 2:  Go to EC2 Instances, Click to Launch Instance


Step 3:  Choose Classic Wizard


Step 4: Choose OS which you want in QuickStart, You also can choose in Community AMIs or My AMIs or spectial AMI in AWS Marketplace


Step 5: Creating Private Instance, Choose T1.micro for 613Mb RAM, and choose VPC with Private Subnet.


Step 6: In Network Interface, Type your private IP address.


Step 7: Storage Device Configuration


Step 8 :  Choose KEY and Value to tags your Server.


Step 9:  Create key pair for SSH key to access via SSH


Step 10:  Create Security Groups for your server


Step 11:  Add rule with all traffic to Security Group, we will modifiy this later.


Step 12:  Lauch to create Server in Private Subnet

Step 13: PrivateServer01 is created in your VPC with IP


Step 14: Do the same to create for Public Server.


Step 15: Publicserver01 is created with IP


Step 16:  Go to Elastic IPs to map Elastic IP for Public Server


Step 17: Map Elastic IP with Private IP in your VPC


Step 18: Now we can see, PublicServer01 is mapped to Elastic IP in VPC.



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