Part I: Install IPCop Firewall – Advanced Proxy, URL Filter Add-On

Part I: Install IPCop Firewall – Advanced Proxy, URL Filter Add-On


A simple IPCop Firewall Network Topology

Step 1: Insert IPCop Install CD into CD-ROM drive, this’s Welcome screen.Just Enter to continue installation…

Step 2: Select your languge–> OK

Step 3: Just ENTER to continue…

Step 3: Choose the sources for installation –> OK

Step 4: Click OK to partition the disk.

Step 5: If you want to restore the system choose the source you’d like to restore.Unless stick on Skip–>OK

Step 6: Choose Probe to find and install for GREEN interface first.

Step 7: The system detect 2 Card–> OK to install for the first (GREEN) Card

Step 8: Enter the IP address for GREEN interface

Step 8: IPCop’s successfully installed. You’ve to configure more step for your IPCop Firewall

Step 9: Choose the type of keyboard.

Step 10: Choose the timezone

Step 11: Named your hostname

Step 12: Enter Domain name

Step 13: Disable ISDN –> Enter

Step 14: Select Network configuration type –> OK

Step 15: Choose GREEN+RED –> OK (there’s many type of Network configuration,i’ll write the guide in others article in future).

Step 16: Choose Drivers and card assigments to install RED card

Step 17: Click OK to install drivers for RED card…

Step 18: IPCop find 2 card, click OK to assign to RED card…

Step 19: All cards successfully allocated–> OK  to continued…

Step 20: Choose Address settings to config IP address for 2 card…

Step 21: Select interface you’d like to set IP address–>OK

Step 22: Set relevant IP address for RED card.

Step 23: Set DNS, Default gateway for IPCop Firewall

Step 24:  Select DHCP server confiruration–> OK

Step 25: You can config your IPCop Firewall role as DHCP Server. Just check [] Enabled and set range of IP address for clients

Step 26: Click Done .

Step 27: Set password for root user

Step 28: Set password for admin user

Step 29: Set password for backup

Step 30: Setup is complete. Press OK to reboot.

Step 31: Log in to Firewall as root user

Step 32: Open web browse, access your IPCop Firewall via Green interface https://IP:445

Step 33: Press Proceed anyway to continued

Step 34: Press Connect to connect to IPCop via web interface.

Step 35: Type user: admin/password to log in.

Step 36: You need to enable SSH Access for remote access via SSH port

Step 37: Check SSH Access–> Save to continue…

Step 38: Use PuTTY to access IPCop Firewall via SSH port

Step 39: Type username/password you want to log in

Step 40: Download Avanced Proxy Add-on from

Step 41: Use WinSCP to copy Avanced Proxy installation file to IPCop Firewall

Step 42: Drag and drop the installation files to IPCop Firewall

Step 43: Now go to the folder you’ve been copied installation files by command : cd /tmp/

Step 44: Extract the tar file by command: tar -xzf filename.tar.gz

Step 45: Install Advanced Proxy by command: ipcop-advproxy/install

Step 46: Do the same step with URL Filter Add-On.After installed, you have Advanced Proxy and URL Filter in Services list

Part II:

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