How to choose Linux Unix Distribution

Howto choose Linux Unix Distribution 

linux distribution


Each Linux distribution is having own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s very important if we can choose a good Linux distribution for our purpose.

1. Redhat (Opensource version CentOS )


  • It’s commercial vendor of Red Hat Software. It’s one of the most popular in Linux/Unix Distributions.
  • Support GUI and Text mode.
  • Easy upgrade and package management with RPM.
  • GUI Window : GNOME (GNU Network  Object Model Environment) , KDE (K Desktop Environment).
  • Support on Intel, Sparc and Alpha platforms.

2. Debian (Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint …)


  • It’s denpend on Open Source Community.
  • Easy upgrade and package management via DPKG.
  • Support on Intel, Sparc, Alpha and Motorola platforms.

3. SUSE (Opensource version OpenSUSE)


  • Commercial vendor. It’s very popular in Europe.
  • GUI Window: KDE (K Desktop Management)
  • Easy upgrade and package management via YaST.
  • Support Intel and Alpha platforms.

4. Caldera


  • OpenLinux distribution by commercical vendor.
  • GUI Window: KDE (K Desktop Management)
  • Easiest to install.
  • Support only Intel platform.

5. Linux Mandrake


  • Commercial by MandrakeSoft.
  • Integrating between Redhat or Debian distributions (we can decide).
  • More value with software packages than original distributions: Debian or Redhat.

6. Slackware


  • Distributed by Patrick Volkerding of Walnut Creek Software.
  • Simple installation but poor upgrade and package management.
  • Only recommend with very expert Linux.
  • Support only Intel platform.

So after this review, We can decide the Linux distribution for our purpose.

For OpenSource, we think CentOS and Ubuntu are the best popular for Installation, management and Maintainence.

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