Install Ubuntu Server 12

Install Ubuntu Server 12


Step 1:  Choose Language



Step 2: Choose Language to be used for installation process


Step 3: Select your location


Step 5: Configure the keyboard


Step 6: Choose Layout keyboard



Step 7: Configure Keyboard – choose layout match



Step 8: Provide hostname



Step 9: Type your full name



Step 10: Type you username in the box


Step 11: Type the password for your server


Step 12: Re-enter the password



Step 13: Choose Yes for encrypt your home directory (User home directory)


Step 14: Choose Yes, if it’s correct your timezone. If it’s not correct your timezone, choose NO and select your timezone



Step 15: Choose type of volumes which we will install, normally we should use LVM disk



Step 16:  Select disk to partition



Step 17: Configure LVM disk


Step 18: Amount of volumes group which you want to create


Step 19: Confirm to write disk


Step 20: Installing the system



Step 21: Configure HTTP Proxy if you have


Step 22: Configure APT from internet.



Step 23: Configure Automatic updates if you want


Step 25: Choose services you want to install on Server


Step 26: Install GRUB boot loader


Step 27: Confirm to install Boot loader on Master boot record


Step 28: Finishing the installation


Step 29: Installation is complete.


Step 30: Login to Server


That’s all.

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