Install Fedora Core 17

Install Fedora Core 17

Install MySQL on Fedora 17

Step 1: Inject Fedora Core 17 CD or ISO into CD drive.

Step 2: Choose keyboard for installation process


Step 3:  Choose Hard disk and write all data.


Step 4: Define hostname for Server


Step 5: Define Timezone for Server


Step 6: Type root password for Fedora Core 17.


Step 7: Type of installation for hard disk


Step 8: Confirm to write the changes


Step 9: Starting installation.


Step 10: Click Reboot to complete installation process


Step 11:  Welcome screen


Step 12: License Information


Step 13:  Define username and password for your server


Step 14: Define date and time, you can use NTP server to update your time automatically.


Step 15:  Hardware Profile and Finish.


Step 16:  Login Screen



That’s all. Thanks for using

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