Install LAMP on CentOS 6.3

How to install LAMP on CentOS 6.3

LAMP means Linux Apache Mysql PHP .


Step 1:  Open PuTTY, log in and type “yum install httpd” and follow instruction to install apache web server…


Step 2: Type to download install package…

Step 3: Apache web server has been installed successfully

Step 4: Type “yum install php” –> ENTER to install PHP

Step 5: Type to accept download install package

Step 6: PHP has been installed successfully!

Step 7: Type “yum install mysql-server mysql” to install mysql server

Step 8: Type to accept download install package

Step 9: MySQL has been installed successfully!

Step 10: Type “service httpd start” to start Apache web server

Step 11: Type “service mysqld start” to start mysqld server

Step 12: Type “chkconfig httpd on” to start httpd when system startup

Step 13: Type “chkconfig mysqld on” to start mysqld when system startup

Start 14:  Open Web browser, type the address of your Web server in address bar.You can see the Apache 2 Test Page.You have been installed Web Server on CentOS 6.3 successfully!


That’s all. Thanks for using

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