Reset root password on CentOS 6

How to reset root password on CentOS 6

When we forgot password root on Centos, we can reset that password easily. We have to use single mode to do that.

Step 1: Hard reboot your Server, and Configure in GRUB, Choose “e” to edit GRUB

Step 2: Choose kernel line and type “e”

Step 3: In kernel configuration , we have 2 methods to change to single mode. 1 we can use number “1”, 2 we can use character “S”. Enter after done.

Step 4:  Choose kernel which we just made change and type “b” to boot

Step 5:  Now we are in single mode, we can reset password and reboot Server with new root password.


That’s all. Thanks for using

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  • ashiq  says:

    thanks. it works for me

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