Howto change date, time and timezone on CentOS 7 Redhat RHEL

Howto change date, time and timezone on CentOS 7 Redhat RHEL


By default, your CentOS or Redhat Server maybe don’t have correct time or timezone. So we have to do the configuration for that.


Step 1: Check your current time 

[root@ithelpblog ~]# date
Wed Apr 6 10:07:12 UTC 2016
[root@ithelpblog ~]#

Step 2: Get the list for timezone 

[root@ithelpblog ~]# cd /usr/share/zoneinfo/
[root@ithelpblog zoneinfo]# ls
Africa Australia Cuba Etc GMT-0 Indian Kwajalein Navajo posix ROK UTC
America Brazil EET Europe GMT+0 Iran Libya NZ posixrules Singapore WET
Antarctica Canada Egypt GB Greenwich MET NZ-CHAT PRC Turkey W-SU
Arctic CET Eire GB-Eire Hongkong Israel Mexico Pacific PST8PDT UCT
Asia Chile EST GMT HST Jamaica MST Poland right Universal Zulu
Atlantic CST6CDT EST5EDT GMT0 Iceland Japan MST7MDT Portugal ROC US
[root@ithelpblog zoneinfo]#

Step 3: We will use timezone in one of the State of America: Chicago

[root@ithelpblog zoneinfo]# cd /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/
[root@ithelpblog America]# ls
Adak Boise Dawson Guayaquil Louisville Montreal Rainy_River St_Lucia
Anchorage Buenos_Aires Dawson_Creek Guyana Lower_Princes Montserrat Rankin_Inlet St_Thomas
Anguilla Cambridge_Bay Denver Halifax Maceio Nassau Recife St_Vincent
Antigua Campo_Grande Detroit Havana Managua New_York Regina Swift_Current
Araguaina Cancun Dominica Hermosillo Manaus Nipigon Resolute Tegucigalpa
Argentina Caracas Edmonton Indiana Marigot Nome Rio_Branco Thule
Aruba Catamarca Eirunepe Indianapolis Martinique Noronha Rosario Thunder_Bay
Asuncion Cayenne El_Salvador Inuvik Matamoros North_Dakota Santa_Isabel Tijuana
Atikokan Cayman Ensenada Iqaluit Mazatlan Ojinaga Santarem Toronto
Atka Chicago Fortaleza Jamaica Mendoza Panama Santiago Tortola
Bahia Chihuahua Fort_Wayne Jujuy Menominee Pangnirtung Santo_Domingo Vancouver
Bahia_Banderas Coral_Harbour Glace_Bay Juneau Merida Paramaribo Sao_Paulo Virgin
Barbados Cordoba Godthab Kentucky Metlakatla Phoenix Scoresbysund Whitehorse
Belem Costa_Rica Goose_Bay Knox_IN Mexico_City Port-au-Prince Shiprock Winnipeg
Belize Creston Grand_Turk Kralendijk Miquelon Porto_Acre Sitka Yakutat
Blanc-Sablon Cuiaba Grenada La_Paz Moncton Port_of_Spain St_Barthelemy Yellowknife
Boa_Vista Curacao Guadeloupe Lima Monterrey Porto_Velho St_Johns
Bogota Danmarkshavn Guatemala Los_Angeles Montevideo Puerto_Rico St_Kitts

[root@ithelpblog America]# cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago /etc/localtime

Step 4: Modify the date/time on Centos 7

date MMDDhhmmYYYY

  • MM: two digit month number
  • DD: two digit date
  • hh: two digit hour (24 hour system)
  • mm: two digit minute
  • YYYY: four digit of year

Step 5: You can use ntp (network time protocol) to auto sync the time in your Centos

yum install ntp



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