Part II: Configure IPCop Advanced Proxy, URL Filter Add-On


Part II: Configure IPCop Advanced Proxy, URL Filter Add-On


Step 1: Select Advanced Proxy from Services list. Check Enabled on Green, set Proxy port for your Advanced Proxy

Step 2: By add  port you want your clients access to the lists or remove to disallow

Step 3: You also can control access based on Network (Subnet,IP Address, MAC address. And the most useful thing you can do with advanced proxy is Time restrictions (For example: You want to employees only access internet in siesta period,Time restrictions’ll be Allow access from Mon-Sun, 11:00 AM-13:00PM

Step 4: If you want control clients’s Web browser, Just Check Enable browser check and choose one. Check Enable URL Filter for URL Filter testing. Press Save and Start

Step 5: Now config your Web browser use Advanced Proxy. If you run domain controller,you can apply script for all clients use the same proxy.

Step 6: Select URL Filter from Services list

Step 7: You can block categories or the exactly domain you want

Step 8: You can customize URL redirect, Message display at block page.

Step 9: Now you’re controlled by Advanced Proxy, URL Filter


If you have any question, just comment here. We’ll answer ASAP!

That’s all. Thanks for using


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