Joining Windows XP to a domain

Joining Windows XP to a domain

Before we start, check Computers Object.There’s no PC in there, we’ll check again after installation completed

Step 1: Now your PC’s in WORKGROUP. Click Change to Rename Computer and Joining in domain.

Step 2: Type Computer name, Domain Name you’d like to change to in blank space.Click OK…

Step 3: Type your username/password that you have permission to join in domain –> click OK

Step 4: You’ve joined in domain successfully!

Step 5: You have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Step 6: Now you can log in to domain by your username/password:

Step 7: Now your PC’s in a domain with full computer name :

Step 8: Check Active Directory Users and Computers again, now there’s PC1 in Computers Object . From now you can manage PC1 via domain controller.


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