Setting up and configuring a DHCP Server in Windows Server 2003

Setting up and configuring a DHCP Server in Windows Server 2003

A simple structure consisting of a DHCP server and a number of client computers on a network.

Step 1: Start/run: appwiz.cpl  to open Add or Remove Programs

Step 2: Click Add/Remove Windows Components to open Windows Components Options

Step 3: Chose Networking Services –> Details…

Step 4: Stick Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) –> Next

Step 5: Click Next go to next step…

Step 6: DHCP’s being setting up, just wait a moment…

Step 7: You have installed DHCP successfully,click Finish to close wizard.

Step 8: Now your server role as DHCP Server, Click on DHCP to configure your Server

Step 9: Right click on your Server/New Scope… to create a Scope…

Step 10: Click Next to go to next step…

Step 11: Named your Scope Name/Description

Step 12: Define the range of addresses that the scope will distribute across the network and the subnet mask for the IP address.

 Step 13: Enter the range of IP addresses or single IP addresse that you won’t want the DHCP server to be able to distribute

Step 14: Set appropriate Lease duration for your scope

Step 15: Now you’ve to configure DHCP Option (default gateway, DNS Servers, WINS) for your Server

Step 16: Configure default gateway for your clients

Step 17: Enter your domain name and DNS Server

Step 18: WINS Server for resolve NetBIOS computer.

Step 19: Now you can active your scope and your DHCP Server can distribute IP addresses for clients.

Step 20:  Click Finish to close Wizard

Step 21: You also can add reserve an IP address for a client.This means that the specific network client will have the same IP for as long as you wanted it to.


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