Python script Scanning the broadcast of packets

Python script Scanning the broadcast of packets


#!/usr/bin/env pypthon

from scapy.all import *
import os
captured_data = dict()
END_PORT = 1000

def monitor_packet(pkt):
if IP in pkt:
if not captured_data.has_key(pkt[IP].src):
captured_data[pkt[IP].src] = []
if TCP in pkt:
if pkt[TCP].sport <= END_PORT:
if not str(pkt[TCP].sport) in captured_data[pkt[IP].src]:
ip_list = sorted(captured_data.keys())
for key in ip_list:
ports=’, ‘.join(captured_data[key])
if len (captured_data[key]) == 0:
print ‘%s’ % key
print ‘%s (%s)’ % (key, ports)

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
sniff(prn=monitor_packet, store=0)

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