How to install and configure OpenVPN Server by Zerina on IPCop

How to install and configure OpenVPN Server by Zerina on IPCop



A simple IPCop OpenVPN Network Topology

Read IPCop  installation guide at .

Step 1: After IPCop install successfully, you’ve to download ZERINA/OpenVPN install package at Use WinSCP log in to OpenVPN Server

Step 2: Drag and drop ZERINA install package to OpenVPN Server

Step 3: Now use PuTTY log in to IPCop OpenVPN Server via SSH connection

Step 4: Use cd command to install package.

Step 5: Use tar command to extract ZERINA install package

Step 6: You’ll see an error: “This ZERINA addon only works with IPCop 1.4.15!” . You’ve to edit install file before installation

Step 7: Use vi command to edit install file

Step 8: Find the line  grep “1.4.15”, edit that line to grep “1.4.20” . Save and exit by command :x

Step 9: Now use command ./install to install ZERINA

Step 10: ZERINA/OpenVPN has been installed successfully!

Step 11: Now log in to OpenVPN via web browser

Step 12: Push on Generate Root/Host Certificates button

Step 13: Fill in the blank, the red box is required information!

Step 14: Root/Host Certificates has been created successfully!

Step 15: Now we’ll start add client for remote user. Push on Add  button

Step 16: Fill in the blank appropriate information, and Save to continue…

Step 17: Check OpenVPN on RED check box. Save and Start OpenVPN Server

Step 18: Now OpenVPN Server’s running

Step 19: Now we install openvpn gui for remote user. Download at

Step 20: Just click Next  and Agree the lisence….

Step 21: OpenVPN gui has been installed successfully!

Step 22: Back to OpenVPN web administration. At Roadwarrior client status and control  push on VPN to download Host (Certificates) for remote user

Step 23: Copy OpenVPN config file to remote PC

Step 24: Extract All to OpenVPN gui installation folder.It usually locate at ” C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config”

Step 25: Right click on OpenVPN icon–> Connect

Step 26: Type your OpenVPN password–> OK

Step 27: Now you’ve connected to OpenVPN Server successfully!

You can ping Green interface of OpenVPN Server

Step 28: Make sure you can access local network. Now we share folder at File Server

Step 29: Access File Server via remote PC

Step 30: Now you can use local resource from anywhere you want!


That’s all.

Thanks for using



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  • Federico  says:

    Excelent post!.

    I am using ipcop 2.xx, but i cant setup site-to-site vpn with openVpn,

    can you help me?.


    • Kevin  says:

      Yes please contact to my email We will help you in detail.


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