Howto install and configure DHCP Server on IPCop 1.4.20 or 1.4.21

Howto install and configure DHCP Server on IPCop 1.4.20 or 1.4.21

For installing IPCop you can read at my previous article at:

Now i’ll guide you howto configure IPCop as a DHCP Server.

1. Log in to Administrative Web Page:

2. From Services list, click on DHCP Server to configure DHCP Option:

3. Check Enable DHCP on Green Interface, Star/End IP Address for your network. You can also configure other options that you need. Then click on Save button to save your DHCP configuration

4. If you have any special parameters you want to distribute to your network via the DHCP server, you can add them via Additional DHCP Options:

5. If you have machines whose IP addresses you would like to manage centrally but require that they always get the same fixed IP

address you can tell the DHCP server to assign a fixed IP based on the MAC address of the network card in the machine.

6. Now start your DHCP client, it can get IP from DHCP Server as you see below:

7. Back to IPCop DHCP Configure Page again, Current dynamic leases displayed all DHCP clients in 4 colums: MAC, IP Address, Hostname, Leases time.

That’s all

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