Smooth Sailing: Plumber Preparation

When a plumber in Waukesha visits, you can make the day go smoothly with a little preparation. Consider: you wouldn’t visit the doctor without symptoms, right? Prepare your home for a plumber’s visit to help us diagnose and treat your plumbing issues faster. We prepare everything this way, using every minute on site.

Clear the area around the issue first. Clear the sink of dishes and cleaning supplies. A short shower clean-up will help. It’s like cleaning the stage before the show—it lets us get to the point quickly. It also protects your things from our tools and equipment.

Discussing water now. That main water valve you’ve probably never touched? Start getting to know each other now. We can avoid leaks and damage by turning off the water before we come. One twist or turn could save you a lot of mopping time. Don’t worry if you can’t find that sly valve! A brief call to us will walk you through the process—neighbors do it!

Your friend is documentation. Does your faucet have a warranty? Water heater model number? Keep this info handy. Like giving the city keys, this information can speed up repairs and help us serve you better. Write out any questions or concerns too. Ever notice that low flush rumble? Or wondered why your sink gurgles at night? Inform us. These details frequently solve your house’s unexplained idiosyncrasies.

Access is important. Sometimes we need huge guns because our tools aren’t pocket-sized. Make sure your driveway or path is clear. A little shift of your automobile or those containers that weren’t moved after garbage day can make a tremendous difference. Creating a smooth road lets us roll in and out smoothly.

A tiny but powerful tip: pets. They may not like the stranger with the loud drill, but we love them. To keep your pet secure and calm, try putting them in a different room or with a neighbor. Work is hard when you’re afraid of walking on a tail or disrupting a snooze!

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